Viking Princess

Discovery Marina,fish boat,ships,Campbell River,Viking Princess

Viking Princess at Discovery Marina in Campbell River

Discovery Marina,fish boat,ships,Campbell River,Viking Princess

As much as I love fishing boats, they can at times be challenging – they are generally close together on docks where I can’t move to a great position, the lighting is nasty, and often they don’t have a visible name.

The name is important to me as I don’t just take pictures of things – I try to capture moments in life and tell a story. Although there is nothing wrong with a nice picture of a pretty boat, “Look – a boat” just does not cut it for me. Nope – the name is important as it is the key to the history of the boat.

In this case I saw a name on a few floats and was able to use it to get the information I wanted.

  • Built: 1967, Remmen Boat Works Ltd., North Surrey
  • Construction Material: Wood
  • Gross Tonnage (t): 14.07
  • Net Tonnage (t): 9.57
  • Vessel Length (m): 11.31
  • Vessel Breadth (m): 3.69
  • Vessel Depth (m): 1.46
  • Propulsion : 115 HP Diesel, single screw
  • Speed (knots): 8.0
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