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High and dry in Comox – near Filberg Lodge and Park

I enjoy shooting images of old wooden fish boats and the hulks of once proud warships, freighters and three masted sailing ships, but I really don’t enjoy shooting images of pleasure craft that have been neglected, abandoned, and allowed to sink or wash ashore.

It’s not just a matter of being an eyesore, it’s also that these ships can be an environmental time bomb, and a danger to people that get too close to them. This one is fairly firmly stuck in the soft ground, but it could at some point tip over if people start messing about on it.

The problem goes beyond the boats on the shore – it extends to the financial aspect of who will pay to remove them, clean up and oil spills, and who has the authority and responsibility to deal with them.

I’m not responsible for this, it’s unlikely that the owner will do anything about it, and we will all end up paying for it in the long run.

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