Shingle Spit – the beach in perspective

Hornby,Shingle Spit ,Gulf Islands,beach,ocean

Sometimes you need to step back and look at the big picture in order to gain an understanding, and perhaps appreciation of where you are, but sometimes you need to just poke about and look a bit more closely.

Hornby,Shingle Spit ,Gulf Islands,beach,ocean

Hornby,Shingle Spit ,Gulf Islands,beach,ocean

If you just look at things from the distance you will in many cases miss the really cool stuff, but if you just look really closely you miss even more – there has to be a balance to place what we see into perspective.



Then there’s the problem of perspective itself – sometimes walking just a few more feet down the beach changes what we see and how we look at the beach.


Time can also play a huge role, as in a matter of minutes the lighting, clouds, and fog can change dramatically. It’s always the same beach, but it has an entirely different look and feel…

Hornby,Shingle Spit ,Gulf Islands,beach,ocean

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