A hot day at Stotan Falls

I’ve always had a healthy respect for the Puntledge River, which translates in staying out of it as the water in much of the river capable of sweeping you away, but on this hot summer day with low water flows, I figured it was safe to take a dip at Stotan Falls.

Stotan Falls,Puntledge Recreation Area,water fall,pot holes

I stayed upstream of the Comox Lake Logging Road bridge, which is upstream of Stotan Falls –  partly because that’s where the rock bed of the Puntledge has been eroded into some marvelous pot holes, and also because the falls are not a place to play around.

A bit further downstream from the falls, maybe, but the Puntledge divides into two channels, one that always moves fast, and the other that’s more suitable for getting you ankles wet and searching for fossils.

Stotan Falls,Puntledge Recreation Area,water fall,pot holes

The other thing about the Puntledge is that the water flow can increase rapidly if BC Hydro increases the water output water from the Comox Lake, dam, or suddenly shuts down the Puntledge Generating Station.

Anyhow – I carefully enjoyed the river, and had some fun with one of my underwater cameras.

Stotan Falls,Puntledge Recreation Area,water fall,pot holes,BC Hydro

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  1. Peter Gill says:

    Free to swim there. It’s our river, not the developers. This part of the River is owned by a developer who wants to drop 1100 homes on two rivers and put up a parking lot. The land was gifted to a colonial baron, Lord Dunsmuir. He owned the railway and has streets named after him all over BC. But make no mistake this is the river of the K’omoks people who have lived here longer than Mr Dunsmuir or the Duke who currently owns it. Don’t believe the hype, they are not ‘generously donating’ a free park. It’s a scam so that Developer 3L can make a profit off the housing crisis and destroy 2 salmon bearing rivers at the same time. Anything to make a profit, including sacrificing the rivers from which we get our drinking water. You can not own water or rivers. Mayor Jangula-your time has come. The people of the Komoks valley have had enough of your old boy’s club. Stoten for the WILD and FREE!!!!

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