The Red Dragons

My enjoyment of Victoria Pride was somewhat diminished (temporality) when an angry person stormed up to me, got right in my face, and started yelling that I could not take her picture, while at the same time trying to grab my camera. I backed up two steps, put my camera to the side and planted my feet firmly. Arms waving she yells “You can’t take my picture – you’re not a reporter!”

This was at a public event, on public property, at a booth that appeared to be set up to create publicity for, and draw attention to, the Red Dragons.

It certainly got my attention, but not in a good way.

I did a quick Google search while my video operator continued to shoot:

The Red Dragons Riding Club – Arbutus Chapter was formed in 2014. We serve the Vancouver and Vancouver Island kink communities, and are the only chapter located in Canada. source…

That’s nice – and you’re at Pride because?

As a Red Dragons member, strive to conduct yourself in a responsible and courteous manner so as to not give yourself or your club a bad name, Whether you are wearing your patch or not, common courtesy and respect for ANY individual you make contact with will always leave a good impression of you, your club and motorcyclists in general.

You blew that one on several counts.

This is interesting as Pride is all about being open and honest about who you are – if you want to hide, then participating in the Pride parade and having a booth at the Pride Festival is not a great idea, especially if you’re wearing ass less chaps, your club name on your jacket, and have a big ass banner with the club name on it.

Red Dragons,Victoria Pride,photography

If you want to hide, then posting pictures of your booth at the Pride Festival are rather counterproductive. Drawing attention to yourself and your organization are not consistent with wanting not to be seen at Pride. Nope.

If you want to leave a good impression, and hide who you are, then exposing your ass and being spanked is rather counterproductive.

Red Dragons,Victoria Pride,photography

If you don’t want your picture to be taken in a public place, at a public event, and when you’re trying to gain publicity, then turn your head, duck behind something, or politely indicated that you would rather not have your picture taken.



  • Don’t get in the face of the person with the camera.
  • Don’t be aggressive.
  • Don’t be a jerk.
  • Don’t try to take the photographer’s equipment. That’s assault.
  • Don’t tell the photographer that they can’t take your picture – media professionals know exactly who, what, when, and where they can use photographic and video equipment, what they can and cannot do with the images and video they acquire, and the applicable laws.
  • Think about why you don’t want your picture to be taken. That’s a biggy – if you have something to fear because people might see you associating with a motorcycle club, then you need to reconsider your participation.

Are the Red Dragons all jerks? Of course not – most were quite polite, smiled, and embrace the spirit of Pride…

Red Dragons,Victoria Pride,photography

Now – let’s take a quick look at the issue of taking pictures:

  • In this situation, being a reporter has nothing to do with it. As an aside, I’m an ENG and an accredited photojournalist.
  • It was a public event, at a public location, open to the public
  • There was no reasonable expectation of privacy
  • There were no signs prohibiting photography or videography.
  • The booth, and Pride, are a matter of interest and fair game for the media and anyone else.
  • The same people rode their motorcycles in the Pride parade.

The BC Privacy Act is on my side in this situation – not a surprise as I need to know how it impacts photography or videography.

Back to Pride – 45,000 smiling, happy people – 1 angry, misguided person. 900 images and 3 hours of video – exactly 1 minor issue.

I’d call that a successful day, but not for the red Dragons – for me…

update 1:

It seems that I am not the only people that have an issue with the Red Dragons, as this bunch of clowns has broken off and formed a new club called the Edge Riders. They still refer to themselves as a Kinky motorcycle riding group and they’re still up to schoolyard drama.


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One Response to The Red Dragons

  1. Drop Dead Fred says:

    I’m Drop Dead Fred the former International President for the Red Dragons Riding Club. I’m the current National Sgt-At-Arms. I would like to apologise for whomever was rude to you wearing Our Patch. Know that We dissolved that chapter due to their actions and yes they did form another riding club. Again My apologies!

    In Leather Service,
    Drop Dead Fred
    National Sgt-At-Arms
    Red Dragons Riding Club

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