It never ends…

My personal stalker won’t give up.

That’s one of the risks of being in the public light on air and in print – you tend to attract a few complete nutters along with the good people.

I keep a close eye on my website and social media activity to keep in contact with viewers, clients, and to keep an eye on the nutters.

Most of the nutters are mildly irritating and soon go away when ignored. One, however, has been stalking me online, and in real life, for the better part of 12 years. I can understand that somewhat as this guy is a miserable little insignificant twit living in Quinte West – literally a nowhere man living in a nowhere land.

A PSA – if you have a stalker contact the police. Tell your friends – but ignore the stalker. Do not respond in any way. They can’t ruin my life, or yours.

And John – piss off.