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Comox Lake 131.996 m ASL

I’ve shot images of the changing water levels at Comox Lake over the years that I have lived here since moving from Ontario. Sometimes there is too much water and the Comox Lake Dam spillway is in operation, and sometimes … Continue reading

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Comox Lake Logging

Logging operations near Comox Lake, between the BC Hydro impoundment dam on Comox Lake and the fish and game club. and a shorter time lapse video…

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Puntledge Diversion Dam

Puntledge River diversion dam – linked to larger version Located about 3.7 kilometres downstream of the Comox Lake Impoundment Dam, the Diversion Dam is where water is diverted from the Puntledge river into a pipeline that travels five kilometres to … Continue reading

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The old reservoir

I decided to do a bit of research after driving by this location on Powerhouse Road and wondering if was at one time a water reservoir. It was an above ground, open reservoir that held 500,000 gallons of water. The … Continue reading

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Along the pipeline

The corridor along the Puntledge penstock pipeline and the pipeline itself are popular recreation areas in Courtenay. The pipeline supplies water diverted from the Puntledge River to BC Hydro’s Puntledge Generating Station next to Arden Creek. Water released from the … Continue reading

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