The 2 Spot

Heading north on the Island Highway, I knew we were entering Courtenay and almost home when we passed a familiar sight, the 2 Spot locomotive. That was back when I was around 3 years old…

Comox Logging and Railway Company 2-6-2

The Comox Logging and Railway Company was incorporated in 1910 and became the largest logging company in the British Empire. It was a wholly-owned subsidiary of Canadian Western Lumber Company and was created to log a large area of land between Comox and Campbell River to supply logs to the Canadian Western Lumber Company sawmills at Fraser Mills. In 1954 the company was purchased by Crown Zellerbach Canada and later became part of the Crown Forest Company, operations in the Courtenay-Comox area being carried out by Crown Forest Coast Wood Products.

Comox Logging and Railway Company 2 Spot

The Comox Logging and Railway Company locomotive #2 known as 2 Spot worked in Ladysmith until 1960, when it made it’s last trip on its own power up to Courtenay. For years the locomotive sat outdoors exposed to the elements – I’m glad to see that it is now protected from the elements and vandals.

Comox Logging and Railway Company Two Spot

2-6-2 represents the wheel arrangement of two leading wheels, six coupled driving wheels and two trailing wheels. The T designation means that water for the boiler was carried in tanks mounted on the sides of the boiler, and not pulled behind in a water tender.

Courtenay 2 Spot Two Spot



  • Builder: Baldwin
  • Construction Number: 34921
  • Type: 2-6-2T
  • Built: July 1910
  • Track Gauge: 4′-8½" (Standard)
  • Fuel: Oil
  • Boiler Pressure: 180 PSI
  • Cylinders: 11×12
  • Drivers: 32
  • Empty Weight: 94,000 pounds
  • Weight on Drivers: 119,700 pounds
  • Tractive Effort: 22,580 pounds

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