Air Force Beach

The beaches around Comox are sometimes bypassed by visitors, which is a shame, as spectacular views of the Georgia Straight and the Coastal Mountains, miles of sandy shore and hours of exploration are available, including at Air Force Beach, which is virtually unknown to anyone other than armed forces personnel.

CFB Comox Air Force Beach

Driving through the daunting gate that says “military personnel only” is intimidating enough for many to turn right around. While this beach is patrolled by military police who have no tolerance for shifty activity, it is generally acceptable for the general public to use the beach respectfully.

CFB Comox Air Force Beach 

Take Military Row west past CFB Comox, turn right onto Kilmorley and keep to the right (a road to the left leads down to homes), following the signs to the upper parking lot of the beach. Be careful to only park in the upper lot, as permits are required to park at the boat launch.

CFB Comox Air Force Beach  CFB Comox Air Force Beach

CFB Comox Air Force Beach

The image above links to a larger version, and you can also view it as a user controlled Virtual reality image:

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For more information, check the information about  Tee Pee Park and Air Force Beach provided by 19 Wing/CFB Comox.

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