The tide and waves are just two of the many forces of nature that man can not stop. They are relentless, and will come and go as they please.

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This particular morning was again a very foggy day, with only the die hard, fanatical, or truly wise people walking on the beach. Perfect – I would rather not share the beauty of a spot such as this with people who bring jet skis, play loud music, and let their salivating dogs bark and snap at people.

I set a camera on a tripod, placed it well above the waters edge, and poked about the beach while the camera captured the interaction between the fog and water.

These two videos cover the same time period, the difference being that one is a 45 second time lapse, and the other is nearly six minutes long.I happen to enjoy the sound of the longer version as I find it to be relaxing and most wonderful in many ways.

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