Ice at the Point

it was a sunny winter day with a temperature of 4° C so I decided to head out and spend some time soaking up the fresh air and basking in some wonderful bright light. I was a bit undecided as to where I was going to go, but there was no doubt that I would take a camera or two with me.


I decided to head off with one of my new cameras and visit the lighthouse at Presq’uile Point, and sort of decided to wear a ski jacket and sweat pants. That’s sort of decided as I was anxious to get outside and too lazy to change into jeans and wind pants. What the heck – it was 4° C and sunny with no wind.

Lake Ontario,Presqu’ile Point,Presqu’ile Provincial Park,ice,great lakes

Clouds were moving in by the time that I arrived at Presqu’ile, which annoyed me somewhat as I had purposely not brought a tripod as I figured that without clouds, shooting time lapse sequences would be pointless.

Drat – that’s what I get for not being on the lazy side the second time in one day, but on the other hand, the clouds made for some wonderful stills and the light was actually quite nice.

More pictures later…

Images and video by Katherine © 2013 CKB

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